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Gex 1's early alpha showings.

Started by Retrofuge, August 27, 2023, 03:26:59 PM

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Gex 1 doesn't get all that much love when it comes to Early Alpha showings, since they are pretty obscure and hard to find. There's of course the Hidden Palace article I made a while ago, when one /r/Gex members, GexGaming or Axi on discord got the rom which has been held by the original owner for over a decade!

Now, it was on the internet and his great videos on the topic, which I will recommend you should watch. I found some magazines which might have presented even earlier builds of the game which we got recently. Mainly found in EGM2 magazine and  VideoGames: The Ultimate Gaming Magazine from the year 1994. Even telling us the initial plot of the game prior to retail. It's really cool, and worth showing off.


I need to check out the Gex prototypes we've got! Perhaps some of those earlier builds will see the light of day. As a sonic fan, I never thought we'd see a  Sonic 1 prototype, so you never know!


Pretty cool to know that New Toonworld and Planet X were the first levels they worked on.  Both are my favorites.

Planet X has the better music and New Toonworld has the better levels.


Might aswell show off the alpha footage in this thread:

Timestamp: 25:32


That was a small clip, it's a shame we didn't get to see more in the video. I like the guy's description of the 3D0 lol, yet we have to deal with loading in video games still to this day. It's much faster nowdays though.