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Do you own any Gex merch?

Started by Ravenfreak, August 24, 2023, 07:10:52 PM

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Do you own any Gex merch such as t-shirts or plushies? I currently don't own any Gex merchandise and honestly I don't ever remember seeing any gex merch in stores when I was a kid. I know they exist, since I just googled Gex merchandise lol.  There's apparently a old phone card with the Gex logo and Gex himself printed on the front, it was used for people making long distance calls. xD I also learned there are Sonic ones and now I'm going to have to see just how rare these are. :V


You know thinking on it... I don't recall any Gex merch when I was a kid.  I wouldn't mind getting a Gex poster nowadays.


I own the official 1999 Gex 3 promo poster, which I framed. But, that's the extent of my official merchandise  :laugh: . I bought a bootleg Gex sticker and t-shirt off Etsy last year though. 



I was able to purchase two Gex logo T-shirt and one Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko Essential T-Shirt from RedBubble. The former was $18. 64 while the latter was $21.93.