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This video brought up good memories of the Air Soft Gun.

Started by TwitchisMental, August 23, 2023, 11:44:47 AM

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I was watching this video and laughed pretty hard. The story told was so relatable and reminded me of good times using AirSoft Guns.

Eg One time I was popping my friend pretty hard with my AR air soft.. well I ran out of ammo.. He runs up on me with his AirSoft Shotgun and just blasted me point blank... I had welps on my hand, head, and arms.... ahh good times.

Had another time a neighborhood kid wanted to join us... grabs my air soft ar, shoots it , laughs hysterically, and then shoots my friend and I... then wouldn't give the gun back... ahh good times lmao.

Any else have some funny stories with Air Soft guns?


I liked those toys when I was a kid. Even though I find it hilarious these days, back then it was a pretty scary experience. Once in our boarding school I and my friend were firing each other with airsoft guns and suddenly out of nowhere a little girl came and the bullet hit her eyes. Our hostel warned made us kneel on the ground for 30 minutes. It was so shameful.