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Do you remember the Gameboy?

Started by Shortie, August 20, 2023, 11:38:09 AM

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I always remember as a kid, me and my brothers were bought a Gameboy to share. I always remember that we had Mario on it and we also had another game that had fun mini-games on it but I can never remember the name of the game.

I think back now to the Gameboy and how the screen was so dark that you would need either daylight or some kind of light such as a lamp to be able to play.

I always remember my mum getting us a light for the Gameboy with a magnifier as well so we were still able to play games on the Gameboy without any issues at all even if it was dark.

Do you remember the Gameboy? Did you ever own a Gameboy handheld?


Oh yeah I remember the original Gameboy. I had owned one with the game Tetris and loved it. So much time spent playing that game.  My mom could take me anywherw with that Gameboy and I'd be quiet playing Tetris XD.


I originally had a Brick Gameboy that I got from my best friend. I remember playing Pokemon Yellow on it since he also gave me a copy of Yellow with it. I had to give back the game though but I was able to keep the Gameboy. I eventually traded it in since I got a GBC when I was 11. Though the Sega game gear was technically superior, the Gameboy sold more. I don't think it was doing well until Pokemon came out though.


Oh yes, I definitely remember the Gameboy! It was a really cool handheld gaming device made by Nintendo that came out in the late 1980s. You could play all sorts of games on it, and people of all ages absolutely loved it. The Gameboy had some really famous games like Super Mario Land, Pokémon Red and Blue, The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, and Tetris. And the best part was that you could take it with you wherever you went because it was portable, and its battery lasted a long time. People all over the world really adored the Gameboy, and it was a big hit!