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Do we have any Fortnite players here?

Started by Shortie, August 20, 2023, 11:32:45 AM

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Fortnite is a game I have been playing since last 2018. I remember I missed out on Chapter 1 Season 1 and also the game prior to there being anything such as seasons and also battle passes.

I remember I started playing the game close to the end of Chapter 1 Season 2 and my first battle pass was Season 3.

Since then aside from me not completing the season 3 battle pass, I have since had all battle passes and have completed them all to as far as I could, always tier 100.

Do we have any more Fortnite players here?


I play Fortnite! The only aspect of the video game I do not like, is well, there business model. Fortnite makes money by letting players buy cool things for their characters and special passes. But it's important to know that this way of playing can lead to spending a lot of money on virtual items, especially for younger players or people who can't resist buying things on a whim.


I have played it off and on since the start.  I really started liking it with the no build mode.