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How's the weather?

Started by Ravenfreak, August 04, 2023, 12:24:29 PM

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Every community has one of these topics and Gex Forums is no exception! Anyways let us know how your current weather is! It's cloudy here where I live and it is also super humid. If you know me, you know that I hate the summertime. I'm happy it's August so we're very close to getting to the cooler months again!


Hot and humid, feels like a Sauna when you step outside lol.


Still pretty hot!  We're consistently over 110 every day right now.


At the moment in England, UK it has been a bit of a mixed bag with sunshine, warm weather, humidity and then we end up with rain and wind. We are heading towards a very warm weekend this week though which I know will be humid as well which is never fun.

At the moment it is sunny and warm.


After raining for three days, the sun is shining bright today.  Even though I work from home and I do not have to go outdoors for work, I find it boring when it incessantly rains and the sun is hidden by rainclouds.  Bright day lifts my mood.


Today we have warm and humid weather and the sun is shining and we have blue skies. It's nice to have summer back to be honest as we have been getting a lot of weather that you would expect to see in the Autumn. Aside from the heatwaves we had in June and early July, summer has been a washout in the UK this year. 


It's unfortunately going to be super hot this week, the coolest day is going to be 98 degrees F. X_x Every other day is going to be over 100 and that's before the heat index. I hate summer.  :P


It started raining here very early around 4AM and it's still raining heavily. If it keeps on this way, most places are going to get flooded. It looks like I wouldn't be going anywhere today because of the rain. I will just enjoy my bed and watch movies.


It wasn't too hot today, it felt nice out so we had the doors and windows open. Summer is still in full bloom here though, it's going to be hot again next week.  >:(


It has been bipolar around here again... Start the day off with rain... Ends with hot and humid .. lol


Quote from: TwitchisMental on September 02, 2023, 04:32:41 PMIt has been bipolar around here again... Start the day off with rain... Ends with hot and humid .. lol
The weather in Missouri is the same way. It's super hot again, when I went outside to grab some packages I could feel how hot it was. My screen door was super hot and I almost burned my arm on it.


The weather is really bad at the moment in the UK. Wind speeds are nearly 30mph, and it's raining/ cloudy outside. Hopefully it will clear itself in the upcoming hours, as I have fast food deliveries later to do.


It has started too cool off slightly but still muggy as heck lol.


Bloody miserable for the most part, extremely rainy and windy, can't have my window open when I'm asleep because there's just way too much noise from the weather. And of course we don't have any AC in Britain so with the windows shut it gets very hot... Has been getting a little bit better recently though


It getting colder now i never liked the heat