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Console or PC gaming?

Started by PGen98, August 19, 2023, 12:13:11 PM

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What is your go-to, console or PC gaming?

For me, I grew up playing consoles, so they're still my first love; however, PCs are so adaptable, so multi-functional that I definitely appreciate their gaming capabilities, as well!  I'm still a console fan, and always will be, it's just a part of my upbringing :D


Anything I play is mostly on PC now. I do still however break out the PS4 Pro to play a few things like Medievil and Spyro.


Honestly I don't really have a bias! I have a nice gaming rig, but I honestly don't play many AAA titles these days. xD My computer is great at emulating many different consoles, I do own quite a few different consoles though myself. If you asked me this question about a decade ago, I'd probably pick console though.


I am more of a PC gamer. Thus, when I had a PS4, IU sold it to buy a gaming laptop. However, I  had to buy PS5 when the game I wanted to play was available only on Ps4 and PS5. Sometimes I play with a controller on a PC but most of the time I use a keyboard and a mouse.


When it comes to playing video games, it depends on the type of game I am playing as to whether I prefer to play it on the PC or on the console.

For example, games such as The Sims, Two Point Hospital, Elden Ring, Two Point Campus and even Powerwash Simulator I prefer to play on the PC.

Games such as Call of Duty, Fall Guys, Fortnite, Destiny 2, Apex Legends and any other battle royales or shooters I much prefer to play on console :)


The ongoing discussion about console gaming versus PC gaming has captured the attention of many. Each option presents distinctive benefits, ultimately leading to a matter of personal preference. I prefer playing on a Console, despite not having one, due to the ability to play on a larger screen.


I am a hardcore PC gamer. I've been inclined towards consoles. Maybe in the future, just to try, I might buy a PS and play but I 'm sure I won't like it more than PC.