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What Would You Have Done Differently?

Started by PGen98, August 19, 2023, 12:06:51 PM

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The handheld games didn't hold up as well as their console counterparts, IMO, but that's understandable when considering the limitations of handhelds at the time.  If you could make a new Gex game for handhelds, what would you do differently?  What features would you incorporate to make it a passable, enjoyable game?


You know I wonder how Gex would have been if it was a RPG... I mean if you look at the Harry Potter games on the GBC compared to their console counterparts they're actually RPGs. Other platforming mascots had RPG titles, I think it could have worked for Gex.


For a new Gex game on handhelds, I would focus on optimizing gameplay for sessions, introducing innovative touchscreen controls, and adding multiplayer options. Additionally, incorporating engaging mini-g, diverse levels, and challenging puzzles would enhance the overall experience. Including unlockable content and a compelling storyline would make it a passable and enjoyable game.