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Your Ideal Future for Gex?

Started by PGen98, August 19, 2023, 12:04:15 PM

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I know we've talked about what the next game could look like, but what do you think would be the ideal future for Gex as a series, as a character, as a legacy?  Should Gex be given a brand new game?  Should Gex be featured in a different series?  A new series?  Would Gex be the main character or a secondary character?  Perhaps even a brand new type of game?

I think Gex would be perfect in a modern Mario-esque game with a more mature twist.  I would really like to see a free range Gex, done with proper 3D, in a more sandboxy-type world.  I think that would suit Gex perfectly.


I would love to see a Gex 4.  Keep it like the classics.  Add modern day pop culture references, give it a simple enough story, and throw him back in TV land haha .

I would make the game a bit more open world though. Maybe throw in some side quests and such. 


As much as I prefer Enter the Gecko and Deep Cover Gecko over the first title, I honestly somewhat think I would love to see a Gex 4 be in 2D. We see how well 2D platformers still do to this day, Sonic Mania did well. Other titles like Freedom Planet did great too! I of course wouldn't mind a new game in 3D too, with a modern day camera system. As I've been going back and playing the Gex games, I forgot how bad the camera was in early 3D titles it has been a chore to get the camera to focus on the right angle I'm trying to move to lol. I love all the power ups that Deep Cover Gecko introduced, so I'd love to see them be implemented in a new game. Heck I would even love to see a comic book series by IDW too!


I like to see more gex rants they so funny  :laugh:


Geez... haters gonna hate lol . :laugh:


Quote from: TwitchisMental on August 29, 2023, 03:21:42 PMGeez... haters gonna hate lol . :laugh:

Gotta love game journalist cope about a certain lizard  :laugh:


Man game journalists were pretty brutal back then. To be fair the N64 versions of the games (and Mega Man Legends) just didn't look as good as their Playstation counterparts IMO. Not to mention the highly compressed music in the N64 version. I love Deep Cover Gecko, I played the PS1 version though growing up and still own it too.