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Did the game improve as new ones came along?

Started by KitKatty5, August 19, 2023, 10:56:29 AM

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Sometimes the originals of anything are always the best and the favorite. Did you find that you prefer the original game? Or did you find that the games got better afterward? If you found that the games improved, what were the things that got better for you?


I myself prefer the original due to loving 2D platformers and the memories..

However Gex 2 and 3 did improve the game on a few levels. The main one ofcourse being the graphics and making it 3D. However with 3D also came expanded level designs which were pretty sick.


I feel that the sequels did improve on the Gex formula. I love the first game, but I've had more fun playing Enter the Gecko and Deep Cover Gecko. I'm hoping one day we'll get a Gex 4 that could expand on what Deep Cover Gecko left us with.


Well, I can say that living the dream of moving the game from being played in 2D to 3D was a good and a major improvement on the game. I'm not saying that anything was bad with the 2D format but the developers knew they can't be left behind in game's upgrade.