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Are the rare handheld games valuable?

Started by KitKatty5, August 19, 2023, 10:40:42 AM

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If you own any of these handheld games, have you ever looked up their value? I didn't know they made handhelds for these games, so I'm guessing that they were somewhat rare? I could be wrong.  I'd love to know the pricing on them, though?


Doing a quick search on price harting shows Enter the Gecko for GBA to be around 30 for a complete copy.  Deep Cover is only around 10.  


I do not own any handheld games or retro consoles. However, I have seen them listed on eBay or Facebook Marketplace for a really high price. By the way, I am not a collector.


Yeah the Gex games on the GBC aren't too expensive. They're certainly not as popular as the Pokemon games.


Yes, some handheld games can be quite valuable due to their rarity. Prices can vary depending on the game and its condition. You can check online marketplaces or specialized collectors' websites for pricing information on specific handheld games.