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Do you own any of the handheld games?

Started by Ravenfreak, August 04, 2023, 12:22:45 PM

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I'm curious to see who else owns any of the handheld Gex games. I only own Deep Pocket Gecko, which of course is the GBC version of Gex 3. I got it from a flea market back in 2016. I haven't played much of it though. :V


I never did play any of the handheld versions, but I do think it is pretty cool that they exist.


I never did manage to pick up any of the handheld titles, just Saturn and N64


I didn't own any handheld any of the companies. That's a shame though because I really feel that I missed out. I'd love to know how long batteries held out for players who took them places. Did you find that you were able to play throughout the day?


I only ever played Gex on PS1 so I never owned any of the handheld games. I knew people and had friends that did own some of the handheld games though and they would also have them on another console as well.


The  GEX handheld devices were a bit expensive for me when I was growing up. So, I couldn't afford any of them back then too. So, owning one was impossible and not something that I could do too.
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Quote from: ShadowJinjoYu on August 27, 2023, 11:33:27 PMNope
Honestly you're not missing much lol. They're okay, but Enter the Gecko is quite glitchy compared to Deep Pocket Gecko. I've been attempting to play through every game in the franchise including the handheld games and it's been rough. xD


I was able to get Gex 3 Deep Pocket Gecko. It's one of the best that I played on my Gameboy. I still have the game now because I never discarded my Gameboy. It looks like I'm going to head back for some nostalgia feelings with playing the game again.