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Current device for gaming

Started by Debashis, August 15, 2023, 12:02:38 AM

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On which device are you gaming now a days? Is it a console, smartphone, laptop or a desktop?

I've been gaming both on mobile and laptop now a days. 'Mobile Legends Bang Bang' on mobile and 'Sleeping Dogs' on laptop.

What about you guys?


I don't game to much anymore, but when I do it is on my PC or PS4.

League of Legends being the main game that I play.

Edit: I do still like playing retro games time from time aswell. Usually via an emulator on my PC.


I have  a ton of different consoles, I switch between playing different games so I often have at least three consoles hooked up at one time. I've currently got my Switch, PS5, and Xbox One hooked up.


I have PS5, android phone and a windows laptop. I use all of these devices for gaming. However, I use my laptoop for gaming more than PS5 and mobile phone. That's because I am primarily a PC gamer.