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Gex Speedruns

Started by TwitchisMental, August 12, 2023, 11:13:35 AM

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I am a big fan of Speedruns for multiple games.

Gex unfortunately doesn't have a big speedrun community, but there are some runs.

For the first game the 1st place any% is 34m 10s .

Which is insane knowing how much of a pain this game can be to run XD.


I would love to learn how to speedrun Deep Cover Gecko! Doesn't look like too many people run the game though. There's a few different categories for Deep Cover Gecko, any %, 100%, No Wrong Warp, and No TV-Cancel. It looks like most people run the PS1 version of the game over the N64 version. More people tend to speedrun Enter the Gecko more than Deep Cover Gecko it looks like, with no surprise the PS1 version being ran more. I thought the loading times would deter people from running the PS1 versions but I suppose not lol.


Yeah it looks like overall the Gex speedruns hit the wall that other games hit time from time.  Basically no way for better time increases, lack of glitches, no new strategies etc etc. 


Sometimes it takes a long time for people to discover beneficial glitches to help a speedrun. :)  I looked at the stats for the first game and it seems even less people run it. I wonder if there's any significant difference between running the Saturn, PC, PS1, or 3D0 versions. I know the most common version of the game has to be the PS1, and not too many people probably own the 3D0 or Saturn versions. They also don't usually allow emulators, which makes sense they want times to be as accurate as possible and you could frameskip on a emulator. Plus not all emulators are completely accurate to the hardware.