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BREAKING: Gex Trilogy Gameplay Trailer Showcased in LRG3 2024!

Started by Roboguy420, June 20, 2024, 01:07:15 PM

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Gameplay is finally here!!

As they said before, these are essentially emulated ports, running on their Carbon Engine. They stated in the description that there will be extra features, including rewinds and savestates from anywhere.

Preorders available this autumn.





Seeing the hype for the climb up for this series is probably one of the most surreal experiences in my life. My younger self is internally screaming with this newfound appreciation for this franchise. Limited Run might have to do reprints and such at this rate  :laugh:

I'm interested in a possible collector's edition, this fall. Let's hope it's worth it. I just hope the game actually runs well. The trailer looked pretty rough so far. It might explain why it's taking so long.


It's about damn time! As soon as preorders become available, I will definitely be preordering it lol. I was hoping it would have came out this year, but at least we know when pre-orders are going live and that's fine by me. Plus seeing a trailer of the games in action was a nice treat too! I'm happy we'll be getting savestates, it'll make the first game much easier to deal with since we don't have to worry about passwords anymore!




Quote from: abercrombie101 on July 01, 2024, 05:12:44 AMnice!
how do i really prepare for the preorder?

Just gotta save up before the pre order drops sometime in fall. Keep in mind that LRG will not ship the game until pre orders end. So we won't be getting the game until next year at this point btw.