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What is the last game that you played?

Started by TwitchisMental, February 28, 2024, 02:00:32 PM

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The last game I played would be Baulders Gate Dark Alliance.


The last game I played would be Excitebike 64. Excellent game, but hard as hell!

Currently at the pro level in the gold league, and at this point they aren't holding anything back!

To sum up how it feels, imagine playing Trials, but with the 3rd dimension added back in, and having to race other bikers.


I just got my Windows 98 PC set up with my VGA switchbox and installed and played some Gex 3D (Enter the Gecko), and I'm really enjoying it! Though Windows 98 being what it is it likes to crash or lock up now and again.
Also the game has slowdowns on it. I've been meaning to upgrade the RAM and GPU on it, so hopefully that will make it run faster.

Also the GPU isn't 3DFX compatible, so had to use nglide to emulate it in DirectX. Might be what's causing the slowdowns and occasional crashes...

Still, got 4 remotes on the final playsession, so maybe the PC just needed warmed up or something because it wasn't used for a while.


Simon the Sorcerer 2, I've been on a massive point-and-click binge over the past year or so and started playing the Simon games because I head they were really funny.

The game's really good, quite a bit edgier than Simon 1 and they turned the main character into kind of a prick honestly but it is funny as hell.

Next game in the series is Simon 3D which I have not heard any good things about lol


I last played DragonBall Fighter Z with a friend.


I've been playing through Sonic Unleashed on my Xbox Series S! I'm starting to appreciate the game more, it's not really one of my favorite games in the series but I like it a lot more than I did in the past. It's a shame the game didn't run that great on the PS3 or 360. I still would love to see it get a port to pc but I highly doubt it'll happen at this point.


The last game that I played was Need for Speed. As one that likes playing racing games, Need for Speed is one of my favourites.
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