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Gex Easter Eggs

Started by Ravenfreak, January 02, 2024, 07:08:36 PM

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Oddheader is a Youtube channel that talks about various easter eggs in video games. He covered a couple of them in the Gex games, so I figured I'd share those videos here in this thread!  I also just realized that Retrofuge is credited for a few of these so I bet a majority of people here already know about these lol. Thank you for your work in the Gex community! I never knew these existed until I watched his videos, but other people found these Easter Eggs so I'll share the original videos. First here's one from Gex 3, there's a block with pictures of real people that appears in the Slappy Valley Secret level, The Abysmal.

Here's a few Easter Eggs from Gex Enter the Gecko

Here's a few more for Gex 3, the picture cube is listed in this video as well btw.

If you know of any more be sure to share them in this thread too! :D



Nice finds, thanks for sharing :D .