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The jump to Christmas.

Started by TwitchisMental, November 16, 2023, 09:52:05 AM

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 Does this bother anyone else... even before Halloween is over stores and people alike are already bringing the Christmas stuff. Stores have Christmas stuff already out for sell, neighbors are already putting lights up, and the radio stations are blasting Christmas songs.

Does this bother anyone else? Or are you one of those that is in the Christmas mood in October lol.



I used to work in retail and every year I would make the same comment, "why the heck are we putting our Christmas stuff out when Halloween hasn't been here yet?!" Of course we're pass Halloween now and have Thanksgiving to look forward to, but it wouldn't surprise me if we start seeing Valentine's Day stuff right after Christmas ends lol.


When it comes to how I go about Christmas, it's something I don't have to rush to get ready for. I've always been picking things one by one and stocking them for Christmas especially the none perishable items. When it's Christmas proper, it's only few things I would have to get.