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Migration of the Gex wiki from FANDOM to Miraheze

Started by Retrofuge, November 14, 2023, 07:06:55 AM

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I would like to keep things short, but we are currently moving our FANDOM wiki, Gex wiki to an new place called Mirazheze, we have been pretty loyal to fandom over the years, about 4 years of service serving the foundation of the our community. But now, since things have changed. We thought it would be good time to move to new wiki farm, Miraheze instead.

The move has been a lot smoother than I thought. But I hope to do more in the future, elevate the quality of information about the series even further, with the Gex Trilogy which might be coming soon.

Follow the link to our new wiki, it's early days but I hope the integration to the new format will be great as the previous if not better.


Awesome sauce :D.

If you'd like I can put it in our social links :).

Edit: After getting confirmation on Discord.. I have added the Wiki page to the social icons menu.


Cool I'm happy to see you've moved from Fandom to Miraheze and it was successful. :D The Wiki looks much better now IMO, Fandom is just full of ads and it's a pain to navigate wikis on that platform.