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Relationship lessons

Started by Debashis, November 04, 2023, 01:07:13 AM

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Share a lesson you've learned about relationships that you think everyone should know. Let's help each other in having more meaningful relationships.


Don't be a fool in your relationship no matter how love is pushing you around. Work with your head when you're in a relationship and not only with your heart. You will make serious mistakes that will cause you so much harm.


There are three very important parts of a relationship.  Trust, Loyalty, and Respect.


Talk things out, if something is bothering you then you should feel comfortable enough to let your partner know.


Don't give pride a chance, it easily ruins relationships. If you really like someone then you need to put in the efforts to make it work. However pride can be a hinderance if care is not taken. Love freely and from the heart when you have the chance. Not many enjoy that luxury.