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How will tech change our life after 10 years?

Started by Debashis, November 04, 2023, 01:03:37 AM

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How do you think technology will shape our lives in the next decade? Will it be good or bad?


I believe AI and Automation are alot closer than people realize.. in 10 years time I see alot more of it being in our normal lives.


What is artificial intelligence doing right now if I may ask? It's already changing everything from the what we used to know. A lot jobs have been affected with more than 200,000 people losing their jobs this year only in the tech sector.


Many people would have to turn to another job sector and leave technology for AI. There is a report I read recently that tens of thousands of people have lost their jobs in a span of three years to AI. That is just an estimate, it probably will be more than that.
It's true that tasks will be easier to do and done faster, it will cost many their source of livelihood.