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Do you enjoy the handheld titles?

Started by Ravenfreak, August 05, 2023, 06:19:58 PM

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Currently the only one I've ever played and owned is Deep Pocket Gecko. It's not as fun as it's console counterpart, but it's still an okay game. I need to play it again as it's been a long time.


I didn't play the titles on handheld too much but when I did play them, I did enjoy them and loved to be able to play them when on the go or even just hanging out with friends as well which was a lot of fun.


Of course yes, I still enjoy playing on the handheld and it's the same I had a very good time playing Gex 3 Deep Pocket Gecko. It was my favourite on Gameboy handheld console.

The Gex Trilogy Collection will be coming to Nintendo Switch soon. When it does, I will be getting it.