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Showcases of Gex in Gaming expos (CES and E3 showings)

Started by Retrofuge, September 02, 2023, 04:56:34 PM

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I was looking early footage of  games from expos such as Computer Electronics Show (CES) and Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) lately, for the sole purpose of filling up the Gex wiki. During my share,  a lot of the footage of these games have always been very difficult to find. Especially for the first and third game. Luckily, I was able to find some footage of the games from watching some recorded reels of the events of the time. So far, I was able to find a lot of footage relating to the second game, from E3 1997 and 1998 respectively.

But recently, to follow off from the recent Gex Alpha screenshots I found. I stumbled across a small video from BiffGamingVideos, which he managed to record all the Crystal Dynamics booths for his game reviews videos at the time (yes, even predating youtube reviewers of the time). It has his commentary over the video. But it's an interesting to see we got evidence of Gex appearing at CES 1994, since there's no mention of this even in gaming magazine publications. Not even Diehard Gaming Magazine, who was really huge into promoting first game, ever mentioned it. This is honestly phenomenal and I hope there' s more footage of Gex 1 at CES 1994 out there.

Gex 1 footage while brief appears at timestamp of 25:32


This is some awesome stuff! The Scream TV footage looks absolutely chaotic, I know the devs just needed to place a bunch of objects to make sure they worked properly but that's overkill.  :laugh: Also very interesting, looks as if we were going to collect lanterns instead of skulls, tombstones, and masks in the level.


Pretty cool watching E3 from the early.. boy oh boy how times have changed.

Some consider E3 on the downhill nowadays .