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Hardest Gex Level?

Started by Jerry Garcia's Tap Water, September 01, 2023, 03:04:54 PM

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What is the most difficult level in any Gex game?

Unsolved Mythstories (PS1 version)
3 (100%)
Little Red Riding in the Hood
0 (0%)
Pain in the Assteroids
0 (0%)
The Umpire Strikes Out
0 (0%)
Unsolved Mythstories (N64 version)
0 (0%)
Lava Dabba Doo
0 (0%)
Samurai Night Fever
0 (0%)
0 (0%)

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Jerry Garcia's Tap Water

Looking back on 90's platforming, there is only one answer to this for me and that's Unsolved Mythstories on PS1. That level is completely agonizing, easily one of the most tedious and terribly designed levels I've ever had the misfortune to trek through.

I've been playing Enter the Gecko again ever since the remake announcement and that level alone just puts me off of even playing Gex 3 again to hype myself up. Having to do it again for the new release does not inspire me at all.

Little Red Riding in the Hood is also extremely frustrating due to falling to the very bottom of the level constantly. I don't look forward to that one either.

As for Enter the Gecko, I found Pain in the Assteroids to really still live up to its name.


Definitely Unsolved Mythstories, it the only level in Deep Cover Gecko I don't bother getting any remotes in. Little Red Riding in the Hood does annoy me at times, I don't know how many times I fell off that damn beanstalk only to have to climb it again.  :laugh: Despite that I don't mind the level all that much.


I agree with Unsolved Mythstories, it is a pain in the arse.


It really is lol. It's going to be torture whenever I get around to trying to 100% complete Deep Cover Gecko and when I make it to Slappy Valley and have to play this god awful level lol. I have to check out the N64 version of the game though too, since I read the level is different in that version.