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Started by TheToastyPlant, September 08, 2023, 09:54:05 PM

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Hello, fellow Gexxers! I am TheToastyPlant. I don't usually talk too much, but I wanted to check out this AMAZING forum! :gexlove:

I originally found out about the Gex games from Gex: Enter The Gecko on Gameboy Color, and I've loved the games ever since! I loved them so much that it got me into programming and scripting. My first ever coding project was a simple randomized Gex quote generator run in Java (I found it! Make sure to check any file that you download before running!!!!! You can never be too safe. You cannot view this attachment. ) Eventually, this program grew into what is now known as GexQuoteBot! This little project has come a long way from what it once was, and I hope to continue growing it indefinitely! I look forward to seeing what other little (or not so little) projects come from this community in the future!



Welcome to The GEX Forums. I hope you enjoy your stay :).


Ah that's interesting that you got into the series playing Enter the Gecko on the GBC rather than the console version. Have you ever thought about making a split disassembly of the gameboy games? :D I've been working on one for Sonic Chaos for the past decade or so now. That's a pretty awesome program you've made! I hope you enjoy your stay here with us. :)