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Hi! I'm Retrofuge

Started by Retrofuge, August 27, 2023, 02:46:19 PM

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Hi, I'm Retrofuge. I am known as the owner of the Gex communities, such as /r/Gex and it's discord of the same name. I have been a pretty avid fan since my youth when playing the third game for the first time in my childhood.  My fascination with the series really got peaked during the late 2000s and early 2010s, which I played the second game of the series again. I really just fell in love with it, which resulted in looking for everything Gex related at the time, even looking forward to the possible remake made by Square Enix Collective program at the time in 2015.

Then, in 2019 on a random summer, I decided to establish the /r/gex community which I just adopted at the time,  and didn't have an idea where to take the direction. It took a lot of trial and error. Even trying to grow everything from the ground up like the Gex wiki was hard task in itself. Eventually, fast forward to today, we have really growing community and seems promising to see everything becoming more centralised now. I hope this continues in the future and I'm happy to be on this forum.


Welcome to the GEX Forums :D .  It is great to have someone with your knowledge of the game here :)


Welcome to Gex Forums! I played the third game as well as a kid, it's my favorite game in the series. Great to have you here!