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Gex Fan Forum - Who are we? Who is Gex?

Started by TwitchisMental, August 22, 2023, 08:36:42 PM

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:)  Gex is a gecko...  Gex is a character.....  Gex is a gecko character in a video game trilogy.  This forum is a centralized place to build a community that loves discussing the Gex  Universe as a whole.

More Info About Gex -

QuoteAfter Gex's father is killed in an explosion at NASA, he bottles up his emotions and becomes obsessed with TV. Some time after this incident, Gex's rich Uncle Charlie would pass away and leave his fortune to Gex's family. With his cut, Gex would go on to buy the biggest house on Maui, fill it with the world's largest TV set, and enough food to last him decades. He would promptly seal himself inside and live out his life-long dream of watching television 24/7. One day while watching TV, he eats a passing fly, thinking nothing of it. However, as it turns out, it was a transmitter sent by Rez, an evil figure intent on taking over the world and making Gex his new TV network mascot in the process. With the transmitter stuck in Gex's stomach and his coordinates locked in, Rez reaches through Gex's TV screen and pulls the screaming gecko into the Media Dimension. Gex, however, manages to fight his way out of his evil clutches and collect every remote control in the Media Dimension. With every remote in hand, Gex faces off against Rez and defeats him. With Rez defeated, Gex is spit out of the Media Dimension and back into his living room. He goes back to watching TV.

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